The following VALUES have been prescribed which every employee of DCM is expected to imbibe & live by it :

Customer Focus: It is the customer for which we work & it is our responsibility to make him satisfied. Customer here includes external as well internal.

Innovation: DCM employees are required to continuously initiate & innovate new work practices which give company a competitive advantage & also make steady & continuous improvements in the process.

Tenacity: never stop till the end. Whatever the circumstances may be; DCMites are expected to work diligently & restlessly till the objective is achieved.

Team Work: Team work is one of the strongest values which we expect everyone to embrace along with other values.  We believe that nothing can be achieved while working in Silos. It is the united efforts of all employees which will make us rise further. 

Integrity & Transparency: We expect that all employees work in fashion where company’s objective & interest is the top most priority. We also expect employees to be transparent in their dealing internally & externally as well & there should be no place of hiding & concealing any of the transaction.  Loyalty to the company & its business shall also fall under category of integrity.

Fair & Just to employees: The Company shall remain, in all its dealings with employees, completely fair, unbiased & just. Employees’ interest & rights shall be fully protected, whether said or unsaid, & opportunities for growth & development shall be equally extended to all. Every employee shall be expected to work in a fair & just manner with all other employees. Trust, teamwork, mutuality and collaboration, meritocracy, objectivity, self respect and human dignity are the things which are expected while dealing with employees.

Respect for individual: The Company’s vision is based on inspiring and unleashing creative potential in human assets of the Company. This is possible in an environment where we all respect the rights of those around us. In this direction, we endeavour : a) To treat individuals in all aspects of employment solely on the basis of ability irrespective of race, caste, creed, religion, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation or marital status. b) Not to tolerate racial, sexual or any other kind of harassment.