Cylinder Heads

We are manufacturing Grey Iron Cylinder Heads for various automotive applications ranging from Light Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Utility Vehicles to Construction Equipments ,Tractors,Genset's etc. We are making single cylinder head to 6 valve Cylinder Heads and supplying approximately 10,000 nos. per month to our various customers.

DCM has the ability to manufacture complicated Heads having 4-valve configuration. In case of 4-valve heads, the water jacket becomes even more critical as compared to other Heads.

Water Jacketed Cylinder Heads
2-Valve Cylinder Heads
4-Valve Cylinder Heads
No of Cylinders Casting Weight (Kgs)
1 Cylinder 12.7
2 Cylinder 20.9
3 Cylinder 38.2
4 Cylinder 62.8
6 Cylinder 92.0