The origin of DCM dates back to 1889, when Delhi Cloth & General Mills was established as an integrated Textile mill in Delhi. Over the years, the DCM Group became one of India’s largest conglomerates, consisting of a large number of companies/ divisions, reputed for their product quality, dynamism and business integrity. DCM expanded and diversified into a number of manufacturing activities such as Information Technology, Textiles, Sugar, Chemicals, Rayon, Tyre Cord, Fertilizers,grey iron Castings, etc. The name of the Company was changed in 1983 to DCM Limited.

World over, the 80s was the decade of diversifications and DCM entered into a number of Joint Ventures with market leaders like Toyota, Denso, Benetton, etc. However, the 90s was a time for consolidation and focusing on core business areas. The DCM Group too, decided to move out of some of the business ventures which did not fit into its overall strategic vision. The thrust was on value-added products, on high technology and sunrise industries. The business of the Company was reorganized with effect from 1st April, 1990 under a Scheme of Arrangement, wherein the businesses were separated into four companies.

Today, after the said reorganization, DCM Limited is headed by Dr.Vinay Bharat Ram, a noted economist, author, musician and industrialist. He has been Past President of The Harvard Club of Delhi and Manufacturers Association of Information Technology, Ex-member of International Council of Asia Society, New York, U.S.A. and was also honored with the National Citizen Award for Entrepreneurship by the Prime Minister of India.

DCM Limited now operates in the areas of automotive engineering products, information technology, cotton yarn and real estate. Since inception, DCM has built its corporate philosophy synonymous with corporate dynamism and business integrity. DCM inherits its values from late Lala Sri Ram, one of India most prominent, honored and dynamic business leaders, and has been keeping the traditions of its founders alive.

The DCM Group has been known for promoting arts, theatre, culture, education, music and sports. The Sri Ram Center for Art & Culture has been regularly holding theatre and music performances and is committed to the promotion of arts and culture in India. The Sri Ram Center for Industrial relations and Human Resources is active in the field of Industrial relations, human resource management and rural labour development. Promotion of education at the school and graduate level has been a key initiative of the Group and a number of Institutions known for excellence have been setup.

Apart from DCM Engineering Products, the other major Operating Units of DCM Ltd. are:

DCM Data Systems

DCM Data Systems is a leading pure play service provider for Managed IT Services globally. We have over a decade’s experience in IT Infrastructure Services. Our customers have benefited from our highly skilled and certified pool of engineers, cost-effective remote management capabilities and robust processes. Our Managed Services portfolio encompasses Operating Systems, Virtualization, Messaging, Networking, Database, Bacup, Storage,ERP administration and business continuity solutions. We are amongest the largest focused IT Infrastructure Services Company in India, with highly skilled, certified and experienced engineers deployed at global blue-chip client sites. DCM has exposure of executing projects in multiple countries and a support network in India covering the major metros. Our remote Network Operations Centers are located in Gurgaon and Hyderabad, India.Read More

DCM Textiles

The DCM Group set up a spinning mill at Hisar (near Delhi) in the year 1991 with a capacity of 33000 spindles as a unit of DCM Limited. Capacity was increased over the years to 43000 spindles, thereafter 74436 spindles and recently to 115000 spindles with modern, state-of-the-art machinery. DCM Textiles is a leader in manufacture of cotton combed yarn, carded hosiery yarn and mélangeyarn.Today the Unit is a leading manufacturer and exporter of 100% cotton carded and combed yarns in single and two-ply, count range Ne 14s to 32s. The company is exporting to major World-markets including China, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Spain, Portugal, Hong Kong, South Korea, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Egypt, Bulgaria, Italy, Sir Lanka, Mauritius, Singapore and Ukraine. In India DCM Textiles has a strong dealer network, which caters to major hosiery and weaving markets and corporate buyers. Read More